Colorist 9

“Awnings are elements that interact with our daily visual perspective. The patterns and colours that decorate them occupy an important position on the urban skyline and must therefore match the tones of the architectural materials and the natural elements present in the area.”

The Plane project by Giovanardi is the result of a research in the fields of experimentation and innovation operated by Francesca Valan, colour designer and professor at Scuola Politecnica di Design of Milan.

The Collection was conceived on the basis of a new concept of yarn: the shade is obtained by twisting together two plies of different colours. Natural colours have been mixed with those typical of façades and woods; sienna with sand, the terracotta of brick with browns, the green typical of doors, windows and shutters with a more natural green.

The colours of the new yarns are less saturated and characterised by a uniformity comparable to that of natural elements; the chromatic resonance of the two plies makes the weft ‘live’.

This way the awnings can link different coloured fronts in buildings and succeed in harmonising the façades with the surrounding area.

The work of research about colors
and textures on IRISUN fabrics.
Interview Francesca Valan, color designer IRISUN
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FRANCESCA VALAN’s work focuses on defining product identity through the design of colors, materials and finishing (CMF Design). She devises color for multinational companies and designs the colors for diverse products from computers and office furniture to home appliances and sporting goods. Francesca Valan drew up the color guidelines for the city of Milan. Francesca Valan organizes educational training courses for schools together with didactic courses within art exhibitions, designs color for toys and spaces for children and is narrowly specialized in the world of childhood. In 2013 Francesca Valan won the National Childhood award for “spaces and furniture for educational institutions” Piccolo Plauto 2013. Francesca Valan teaches Color design at the European Design Institute (IED) and Polytechnic School of Milan (SPD), while collaborating with many architectural and design studios in Italy and abroad.